Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke f. 33

A bound volume containing notes in an unidentified hand on Greek dialects (ff. 1-6, 174-169 rev.); logic (ff. 8-25, 186-174 rev.); on the etymology of Greek words illustrated from Xenophon (f. 29), Homer (ff. 47v-55) and Meuaeus (ff. 108-106 rev.); and the Old Testament (ff. 167-159v rev.). The logic notes are from Philippe du Trieu, Manuductio ad logicam (ff. 8-25, 174-175) and Bartholomaeus Keckermann, Systema logicae (ff. 176-185).

The presence of this volume among the Locke MSS. is the only things that connects it with Locke.

The notebook consists of 187 leaves, 146 × 88 mm. It was used from both ends: ff. 1-29, 47-55 (ff. 30-46 blank); ff. 158-187, 106-108 rev. (ff. 109-158 blank); intervening leaves (ff. 56-105) blank. The binding is a modern Bodleian binding.