Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke f. 49

The index to Locke’s herbarium

Consists of: Catalogus Horti Botanici Oxoniensis alphabeticè digestus, duas, præterpropter, plantarum chiliadas complectens, priore duplo auctior, idenque elimatior; nec non etymologiis, quà Græcis, quà Latinis, hinc inde petitis, enucleatior : in quo nomina Latina pariter & Græca vernaculis; & in ejus sequiore parte, vernacula Latinis, præponuntur. Cui accessere plantæ niminùm sexaginta suis nominibus insignitæ, quæ nullibi nisi in hoc opusculo memorantur. Curâ & operâ sociâ Philippi Stephani M.D. et Guilielmi Brounei A.M. Adhibitis etiam inconsilium D. Boberto Patre, Hortulano Academica ejusque filio, utpore rei herbariæ callentissimis. Oxonii[:] Typis Gulielmi Hall, An. D. 1658.

8o. 137 × 82 mm. [para]8 A-N8O4, plus 8 blank leaves at front and 24 blank leaves at back bound in. 32, 1-48, 39-118, 129-187, 188-192, 193-214, 215-262 pages (pp. 215-262 blank).

Locke annotated the catalogue as follows:

  1. in the left margin opposite each plant in his collection, he inscribed a single digit indicating the year in which the specimen had been collected;
  2. at the end of the printed entry, he sometimes wrote the folio on which the specimen appeared in his herbarium;
  3. he wrote entries for plants not listed in the printed catalogue in the space at the top or bottom of the appropriate page.