Bodleian Library, Oxford University

MS. Locke f. 7

Locke’s journal, 1683.

Bound with: Merlinus redivivus: being an almanack for the year of our redemption, 1683. And from the world’s creation, according to the best of history, 5632. In which is contained matter and things suitable for such a subject. Being astrologically and astronomically handled. Calculated for the meridian of London. Whose latitude is 51 deg. 38 minutes [and whose] longitude is 24 deg. 20 minutes. By John Partridge, student in physick and astrology. … London, printed by J.D. for the Company of Stationers. [1683]

48 p. [the almanac] + 198 p. [the journal]

The following individual notes have been included in this listing:

p. 107 (5 June 1683):

“On identity of persons”