Bodleian Library, Oxford University
Locke Manuscripts from the Lovelace Collection

Numeric Listing

MS. Locke b. 1:   Papers relating to Locke’s income and expenditures

MS. Locke b. 2:   Papers relating to Locke’s books and library

MS. Locke b. 3:   Papers relating to money and the coinage

MS. Locke b. 4:   Miscellaneous papers

MS. Locke b. 5:   Deeds and legal papers

MS. Locke b. 6:   Letters from Locke to P. King

MS. Locke b. 7:   Locke’s herbarium, part 2

MS. Locke b. 8:   Letters to Edward Clarke, 1681-1704

MS. Locke c. 1:   Locke’s ledger, 1671-1702

MS. Locke c. 2:   Locke’s ledger, 1701-1704

MS. Locke c. 3:   Letters to Locke, Aglionby-Berkeley

MS. Locke c. 4:   Letters to Locke, Bernard-Bury

MS. Locke c. 5:   Letters to Locke, Calverley-A. Churchill

MS. Locke c. 6:   Letters to Locke, J. Churchill-Colleton

MS. Locke c. 7:   Letters to Locke, Collins-Du Bos

MS. Locke c. 8:   Letters to Locke, Duke-Fuller

MS. Locke c. 9:   Letters to Locke, Furly-Geekie

MS. Locke c. 10:   Letters to Locke, Gendron-Guenellon

MS. Locke c. 11:   Letters to Locke, Guenellon-Hutton

MS. Locke c. 12:   Letters to Locke, Ivie-P. King

MS. Locke c. 13:   Letters to Locke, R. King-F. van Limborch

MS. Locke c. 14:   Letters to Locke, P. van Limborch-Locke

MS. Locke c. 15:   Letters to Locke, Lockhart-Marx

MS. Locke c. 16:   Letters to Locke, Masham-Pawling

MS. Locke c. 17:   Letters to Locke, Pawling-Popple

MS. Locke c. 18:   Letters to Locke, Pound-P. Stratton

MS. Locke c. 19:   Letters to Locke, W. Stratton-Tenison

MS. Locke c. 20:   Letters to Locke, Thomas-Tindal

MS. Locke c. 21:   Letters to Locke, Toinard

MS. Locke c. 22:   Letters to Locke, Towerson-Uvedale

MS. Locke c. 23:   Letters to Locke, Veen-Yonge

MS. Locke c. 24:   Letters from Locke

MS. Locke c. 25:   Miscellaneous personal papers

MS. Locke c. 26:   Papers relating to Locke’s property

MS. Locke c. 27:   Papers relating to theology and religion

MS. Locke c. 28:   Papers relating to philosophy and religion

MS. Locke c. 29:   Papers relating to medicine

MS. Locke c. 30:   Papers relating to trade and colonies, 1671-1702

MS. Locke c. 31:   Miscellaneous papers

MS. Locke c. 32:   A volume of poems

MS. Locke c. 33:   Notes on Locke’s reading

MS. Locke c. 34:   Critical notes on Stillingfleet

MS. Locke c. 35:   Papers relating to Locke’s bequests

MS. Locke c. 36:   Minutes of the Council of Trade and Plantations, 1699-1700

MS. Locke c. 37:   Boyle’s General history of the air

[MS. Locke c. 38:   Papers of Peter King]

MS. Locke c. 39:   Miscellaneous papers acquired 1951-

MS. Locke c. 40:   Letters from Locke to P. King

MS. Locke c. 41:   Locke’s herbarium, part 1

MS. Locke c. 42A:   Medical and scientific commonplace book, 1679-94

MS. Locke c. 42B:   Non-scientific commonplace book, 1679-92

MS. Locke c. 43:   Adversaria Theologica 94

MS. Locke c. 44:   Adversaria Physica 93

MS. Locke c. 45:   Letter to Nicolas Toinard, 25 May 1679

MS. Locke c. 46:   The victorious reigne of Kinge Edward the third written by Thomas May

[MS. Locke c. 47:   Lists of ecclesiastical livings: Papers of Peter King]

MS. Locke d. 1:   Commonplace book, 1679, 1692

MS. Locke d. 2:   Final draft of Some considerations of the consequences of the lowering of interest (1691)

MS. Locke d. 3:   Locke against Malebranche and Norris

MS. Locke d. 4:   Fourth letter for toleration

MS. Locke d. 5:   Transcripts of hermetical works

[MS. Locke d. 6:   Sermon by William King: Papers of Peter King]

[MS. Locke d. 7:   Of the American Plantations: Papers of Peter King]

[MS. Locke d. 8:   A pasquinade in verse: Papers of Peter King]

MS. Locke d. 9:   “Adversaria Physica 1660”

MS. Locke d. 10:   “Lemmata Ethica … 1659”

MS. Locke d. 11:   “Lemmata Physica”

MS. Locke d. 12:   Contents of Locke’s Herbarium (J. W. Gough)

MS. Locke d. 13:   Copies of annotations in printed books

MS. Locke e. 1:   Drafts for the 1700 edition of the Essay

MS. Locke e. 2:   Paraphrase and notes on the Epistles of St. Paul

MS. Locke e. 3:   Catalogue of Locke’s library, 1697

MS. Locke e. 4:   “Farrago”: Early medical notes

[MS. Locke e. 5:   Parliamentary diary: Papers of Peter King]

MS. Locke e. 6:   “Lemmata” and drafts of philosophical works

MS. Locke e. 7:   Manuscript of the First tract on government

MS. Locke e. 8:   “Some of the consequences that are like to follow upon lessening of interest to 4 per cent” (1668, 1674) [fair copy]

MS. Locke e. 9:   “Trade Virginia 97”

MS. Locke e. 10:   Notes on Old Testament by Thomas Greaves

MS. Locke e. 11:   “The Preface to the first Epistle to the Corinthians” (Daniel Whitby)

[MS. Locke e. 12-16:   Law reports: Papers of Peter King]

MS. Locke e. 17:   Commonplace book

MS. Locke e. 18:   Untitled paper on allegience and the revolution of 1688

MS. Locke f. 1:   Locke’s journal, 1675-1676

MS. Locke f. 2:   Locke’s journal, 1677

MS. Locke f. 3:   Locke’s journal, 1678

MS. Locke f. 4:   Locke’s journal, 1680

MS. Locke f. 5:   Locke’s journal, 1681

MS. Locke f. 6:   Locke’s journal, 1682

MS. Locke f. 7:   Locke’s journal, 1683

MS. Locke f. 8:   Locke’s journal, 1684-1685

MS. Locke f. 9:   Locke’s journal, 1686-1688

MS. Locke f. 10:   Locke’s journal, 1689-1704

MS. Locke f. 11:   Memorandum book, 1649-52

MS. Locke f. 12:   Memorandum book, 1664-72

MS. Locke f. 13:   Memorandum book, 1674

MS. Locke f. 14:   Notebook, c. 1659-67

MS. Locke f. 15:   Memorandum book, 1677-78

MS. Locke f. 16:   Catalogue of Locke’s library, 1693

MS. Locke f. 17:   Catalogue of Locke’s library, 1691

MS. Locke f. 18:   Medical notebook, 1659-60

MS. Locke f. 19:   Medical notebook, 1661-69

MS. Locke f. 20:   Medical notebook, 1659-60

MS. Locke f. 21:   Medical notebook, 1669-81

MS. Locke f. 22:   Medical notebook, c. 1666

MS. Locke f. 23:   Medical notebook, 1679-81, 1689-95

MS. Locke f. 24:   Medical notebook, 1679-88

MS. Locke f. 25:   Adversaria 4 Pharmacopæa, 1662-67

MS. Locke f. 26:   Draft B of the Essay concerning human understanding

MS. Locke f. 27:   Memorandum book, 1664-66

MS. Locke f. 28:   Memorandum book, 1678-79

MS. Locke f. 29:   Memorandum book, 1683-1702

MS. Locke f. 30:   A parchment box of unbound papers

MS. Locke f. 31:   Essays on the law of nature, and other papers

MS. Locke f. 32:   Notes on the Old Testament

MS. Locke f. 33:   Notes on Greek and logic

MS. Locke f. 34:   Account books of Sylvester Brounower and William Shaw

[MS. Locke f. 35-46:   Law reports: Papers of Peter King]

MS. Locke f. 47:   Catalogue of medical authors

MS. Locke f. 48:   Memorandum book, 1672

MS. Locke f. 49:   Catalogus Horti Botanici Oxoniensis

MS. Film 57:   Draft C of the Essay concerning human underestanding, 1685

MS. Film 77:   Notebook “Adversaria 1661”

MS. Film 79:   Pocket Memorandum Book, 1667