Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.

Letter from the first Earl of Shaftesbury [November 1677?]

Charleton, William, 1642-1702.

See Courten, William, 1642-1702.

Christian, Prince of Denmark, later King Christian V, 1646-1699.

“Principi Daniae Oxonium ex Itinere divertenti 62 [27 Sep 1662?]

Clarke, Edward, 1650-1710.

(custodian) Reasons for tolerateing Papists equally with others. [1667]

On allegiance (1690 April?)

Renewal of the Printing Act (1695 January)

Reasons of the Commons against Reviveing the Printing Bill [18 April 1695]

Draft of the first 1695 Printing Bill [14 March 1695?]

Proposed amendments to the first 1695 Printing Bill [18 March 1695?]

Draft bill for the better regulating of printing (1695)

Draft bills to regulate elections [1699?]

Letter cover [1695?]

On allegiance and the revolution (1690)

Clarke, Dr. Timothy, died 1672.

Lord Ashley’s case: Dr. Timothy Clarke’s answers to Lord Ashley’s queries [1668]

Cooper, Anthony Ashley, Lord Ashley, later 1st Earl of Shaftesbury, 1621-1683.

Lord Ashley’s case: Letter from De Briolay de Beaupreau to Mr. Browne (April 1669)

Lord Ashley’s case: Letter from [Lord Ashley and] Locke to De Briolay de Beaupreau (20 January 1671)

Coste, Pierre, 1668-1747.

(translator) Mémoires pour servir à la vie d’Antoine Ashley, Comte de Shaftesbury … (1705).

Council of Trade and Plantations.

The state of Ireland with reference to trade [1668?]

Courten [Charleton], William, 1642-1702.

The lives and manners of the Laplanders (collector) [1673?]

Covel, John.

Conformitas (1679)

Ferrum (1679)

Coventry, Sir William.

Some of the consequences that are like to follow upon lessening of interest to 4 per cent (1668)

Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667.

To Mr Greenhill with Cowleys Poems [1672?] [poem by Locke?]

Cudworth, Damaris.

See Masham, Damaris Cudworth.

Cudworth, Ralph.

Cudworth (1682)

Disputatio (1700)

Ignorantia [c. 1690]