Dr. Last, or, the devil upon two sticks

TitleDr. Last, or, the devil upon two sticks
Publication TypeBook, Metamorphic
Year of Publication1771
First SentenceTwo lovers want to run away / To spend their youth in amorous play
DistributorTomlinson, L.
Date Published1771
PublisherRoberts, H.
Place PublishedLondon, England
Item LocationYale University Library
Call Number771.11.21.01
GenreMetamorphic pictures
NotesPublished Novr. 21st; Originally priced 6d. plain 1s. colour'd; Roberts, H., no. 56 almost opposite Great Turnstile, Holborn; Tomlinson, L., no. 124 White Chapple
Physical Dimensions1 sheet; 19 x 32 cm
Binding1 print laid on paper
ProvenanceDramatis Personae; September 24, 1999; Acquisitions no.: 999-9-24-2