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Eliyana Adler is the author of this bibliography.

Eliyana R. Adler

Eliyana R. Adler is Associate Professor in the Department of History and Program in Jewish Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. She has held fellowships from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Yad Vashem, the German Historical Institute of Warsaw and the Humanities Institute of PSU. Dr. Adler’s most recent book is Survival on the Margins: Polish Jewish Refugees in the Wartime Soviet Union (Harvard University Press). She is also the author of In Her Hands: The Education of Jewish Girls in Tsarist Russia (Wayne State UP) and the co-editor of Jewish Literature and History: An Interdisciplinary Conversation (University Press of Maryland, 2008), Reconstructing the Old Country: American Jewry in the Post-Holocaust Decades (WSUP, 2017), Polin 30: Jewish Education in Eastern Europe (2018), as well as Jewish and Romani Families in the Holocaust and its Aftermath (Rutgers UP, 2020) and has published articles in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Yad Vashem Studies, East European Jewish Affairs, Polin, and other journals. Currently Dr. Adler is exploring the memorial books that Jews created for towns in Eastern Europe following the Holocaust.

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Alison Smith contributed to this website.

Alison Smith

Alison Smith is a 2020 graduate of Pennsylvania State University. She studied History and Political Science with a certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.




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