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Topical Web Portals

Topical Web Portals

Below you will find the Libraries Open Publishing Topical Web Portals catalog. Our Topical Web Portal publications are an experimental publication type that include a group of web pages that publish scholarly material about a single topic or subject area. These pages may include a bibliography, a regularly updated blog, webpages with scholarly research information and research, curriculum information, resources, images, and more. All aspects of a Topical Web Portal are published Open Access and are freely available online to all readers. 

Please visit individual Topical Web Portal’s webpages for more information. 

Learning as Play

Learning as Play logo

Explore Learning as Play, a developing, experimental topical web portal publication for information about early movable books. The site provides information about the project to date, and the scholarly essay, “What Are Movable Books?” provides background on the genre. In this publication, you will also find a searchable bibliography titled The Union Catalog of Early Movable Books, which includes information about copies of metamorphic pictures published between 1650 and 1890, which are held in multiple institutions, including here at Penn State. Additionally, the blog titled Unfolding Metamorphoses provides current information from the editor, Dr. Reid-Walsh, as she explores early movable books and records her new findings and collaborations.