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Topical Web Portals

Topical Web Portals

Topical Web Portal publications are digital humanities projects and often include a group of web pages that publish scholarly material about a single topic or subject area. These pages may include a bibliography, a regularly updated blog, webpages with scholarly research information and research, dynamic visual information, resources, images, and more.

Digital Beaumont & Fletcher

Banner image of Beaumont and Fletcher text.

Digital Beaumont & Fletcher is a collaborative, open-access editorial project that aims to make the rarely edited—and, as a result, rarely taught—plays in the “Beaumont and Fletcher” canon accessible to student readers and freely available online for classroom use. All texts are prepared by undergraduate and graduate students.  

The base text for these editions is the distinctive copy of Comedies and Tragedies Written by Francis Beavmont And Iohn Fletcher Gentlemen (1647) in Penn State University’s Eberly Family Special Collections Library. The copy preserves evidence of ownership from as early as 1703 and includes three plays with early handwritten notes, suggesting that the book might have been used to facilitate performance in the late seventeenth century. The whole volume is fully digitized

EMRO - Educational Media Reviews Online

Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) is an open access database of critical reviews of media from major educational and documentary distributors and independent filmmakers. The reviews are written by librarians and teaching faculty from across the United States and Canada. The reviews are aimed at an educational audience, primarily academic librarians. There are some reviews of K-12 titles in the database, but they are not the main focus. The database began in 1997 as the AV Review Database, part of the peer-reviewed publication, MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship, an electronic journal devoted to issues in media librarianship. When the journal ceased publication in January 2002, the AV Review Database continued on as Educational Media Reviews Online