“A Spider Queen in Every Home”

Title “A Spider Queen in Every Home”
Year for Search2017
AuthorsMorgan, Mike
Secondary AuthorsRadford, Phyllis Irene(b. 1950), Kyle, Rebecca McFarland, Berger, Lou J, and Brown, Bob
Secondary TitleMore Alternative Truths: Stories From the Resistance
Date Published2017
PublisherB Cubed Press
Place PublishedBenton, City, WA
KeywordsMale author, US author

2017 Morgan, Mike. “A Spider Queen in Every Home.” More Alternative Truths: Stories From the Resistance. Ed. Phyllis Irene Radford, Rebecca McFarland Kyle, Lou J Berger, and Bob Brown (Benton City, WA: B Cubed Press, 2017), 370-96. PSt

The story takes place in the dystopia created by current policies. The protagonist is a statistician whose work has to be checked to the data fits policy and is not accepted if it doesn’t, even though it is accurate.

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