“The Today Home”

Title“The Today Home”
Year for Search2017
AuthorsNahrung, Jason
Secondary AuthorsGrzyb, Liz, and Sparks, Cat[riona](b. 1965)
Secondary TitleEcopunk! [Cover adds Speculative Tales of Radical Futures]
Date Published2017
PublisherTiconderoga Publications
Place PublishedGreenwood, WA, Australia
ISBN Number9781925212549
KeywordsAustralian author, Male author
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Author Note

Australian author

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2017 Nahrung, Jason. “The Today Home.” Ecopunk! [Cover adds Speculative Tales of Radical Futures]. Ed. Liz Grzyb and Cat[riona] Sparks (Greenwood, WA, Australia: Ticonderoga Publications, 2017), 183-96. PSt

Climate-change dystopia. Australian author.