“Bullseye, Inc.”

Title“Bullseye, Inc.”
Year for Search2012
AuthorsGarrity, Brian D.
Secondary AuthorsWest, Chastity, Martin, Kit, Martin, Jeffrey, Edmonson, Pat, Byrns-Enoch, Hannah, and Boyd, Crystal
Secondary TitleCifiscape Vol. II. The Twin Cities
Date Published2012
PublisherOnyx Neon Press
Place Published[Hillsboro, OR]
KeywordsMale author

Dystopia of corporate uniformity.

Holding Institutions


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2012 Garrity, Brian D. “Bullseye, Inc.” Cifiscape Vol. II. The Twin Cities. Ed. Chastity West, Kit Martin, Jeffrey Martin, Pat Edmonson, Hannah Byrns-Enoch, and Crystal Boyd ([Minneapolis, MN]: Onyx Neon Press, 2012), 124-43. PSt

Dystopia of corporate uniformity.