“Victor and the Fish”

Title“Victor and the Fish”
Year for Search2016
AuthorsHenry, Matthew
Secondary AuthorsMilkoreit, Manjana, Martinez, Meredith, and Eschrich, Joey
Secondary TitleEverything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction
Date Published2016
Publisher[Arizona State University]
Place Published[Tempe, Arizona]
KeywordsMale author, US author

Climate-change dystopia. 


Illus. Matt Phan

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Author Note

The author is a doctoral student in English at Arizona State University

Full Text

2016 Henry, Matthew S. “Victor and the Fish.” Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction. Ed. Manjana Milkoreit, Meredith Martinez, and Joey Eschrich. Illus Matt Phan ([Tempe: Arizona State University], 2016). https://www. dropbox.com/s/kl2lb81mh2u88rj/Everything%20Change%20An%20Anthology%20of%20Climate%20Fiction.epub?dl=0#.

Climate-change dystopia. The author is a doctoral student in English at Arizona State University.