Another Man's Hell

TitleAnother Man's Hell
Year for Search1962
AuthorsKemper, W[illia]m E. Jr.
Tertiary AuthorsKemper, Wm. E. Jr.
Date Published1962
PublisherChicago Paperback House
Place PublishedChicago, IL
KeywordsMale author

Mildly authoritarian dystopia set in 2062. Computers do all the work.

Title Note

Before title on the cover "One Man's Utopia is--".

Holding Institutions


Full Text

1962 Kemper, W[illia]m E., Jr. Another Man’s Hell. [Before the title on the cover is “One Man’s Utopia is--”]. Chicago, IL: Chicago Paperback House. KU

Mildly authoritarian dystopia set in 2062 in which computers do all the work and care for the people. The population is much lower, and most people live in cities. No lawyers. There is a Truth drug. Everyone must carry an I.D. tag at all times. The protagonist from the past establishes a living in the country.