Year for Search1996
AuthorsWatts, Peter [Francis](b. 1958)
Secondary AuthorsRunté, Robert, and Meynard, Yves(b. 1964)
Secondary TitleTesseracts: The Anthology of New Canadian Speculative Fiction
Date Published1996
PublisherTesseract Books
Place PublishedEdmonton, AB, Canada
KeywordsCanadian author, Male author

Dystopia of violence.

Holding Institutions


Author Note

Canadian author (b. 1958)

Full Text

1996 Watts, Peter [Francis] (b. 1958). "Bethlehem." Tesseracts5: The Anthology of New Canadian Speculative Fiction. Ed. Robert Runté and Yves Meynard (Edmonton, AB, Canada: Tesseract Books, 1996), 274-91. PSt

Dystopia of violence. Canadian author.