"The Body Politic"

Title"The Body Politic"
Year for Search1998
AuthorsWilliams, Tess(b. 1954)
Secondary AuthorsDann, Jack [Mayo](b. 1945), and Webb, Janeen
Secondary TitleDreaming Down Under
Pagination153-58 with an "Afterword" on 159
Date Published1998
Place PublishedSydney, NSW, Australia
KeywordsAustralian author, Female author

Dystopia of extreme poverty contrasted with great wealth.

Holding Institutions


Author Note

Australian female author (b. 1954).

Full Text

1998 Williams, Tess (b. 1954). “The Body Politic.” Dreaming Down Under. Ed. Jack [Mayo] Dann and Janeen Webb (Sydney, NSW, Australia: HarperCollins, 1998), 153-58. “Afterword” (159). PSt

Dystopia of extreme poverty contrasted with great wealth. Australian female author.