Year for Search1992
AuthorsKernaghan, Eileen [Shirley Monk](b. 1939)
Secondary AuthorsToolis, Lorna, and Skeet, Michael(b. 1955)
Secondary TitleTesseracts
Volume / Edition4
Date Published1992
PublisherBeach Holme
Place PublishedVictoria, BC, Canada
KeywordsCanadian author, Female author

Authoritarian dystopia which has past a Fetal Rights Bill.

Holding Institutions

Can, Merril, PSt

Author Note

Canadian female author (b. 1939).

Full Text

1992 Kernaghan, Eileen [Shirley Monk] (b. 1939). “Couples.” Tesseracts4. Ed. Lorna Toolis and Michael Skeet (Victoria, BC, Canada: Beach Holme, 1992), 159-79. Can, Merril, PSt

Authoritarian dystopia which has passed a Fetal Rights Bill. Canadian female author.