"Dead Wings"

Title"Dead Wings"
Year for Search2019
AuthorsChimits, Rachel
Secondary AuthorsRambo, Cat[herine Tigerlily](b. 1963)
Secondary TitleIf This Goes On
Pagination15-27, with an editor’s note on 27
Date Published2019
PublisherParvus Press
Place PublishedYaedley, PA
KeywordsFemale author, US author

Dystopia in which bodies are replaceable. 

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Author Note

Female author

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2019 Chimits, Rachel. “Dead Wings.” If This Goes On. Ed. Cat[herine Tigerlily] Rambo (Yardley, PA: Parvus Press, 2019), 15-27, with an editor’s note on 27. Public US

Dystopia in which bodies are replaceable. Female author.