The Great Commune

TitleThe Great Commune
Year for Search1878
AuthorsForsyth, Frederic Gregory(1856-1925)
Pagination32 pp.
Date Published1878
Place PublishedPortland, [ME]
KeywordsMale author, US author

Essay proposing how the world should respond to the threat of socialism. A “universal order” needs to be formed based on chivalry. It will be male, armed, and hierarchical, with titles of nobility. Workers, who will be thrown out of work by machinery, should be stopped from breeding by taxing children, and no married man should be employed by any government or the order. Racist. Develops ideas put forth in his The Great Republic. Portland, [ME]: Author, 1878. 16 pp. There is emphasis is on government, with limits on citizenship and censorship of all publications. Important to have an order of nobility.

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