Year for Search1973
AuthorsGoldin, Stephen [Charles](b. 1947), and Hensel, C. F.
Secondary AuthorsElwood, Roger [Paul](1943-2007)
Secondary TitleFrontiers 1: Tomorrow's Alternatives. Original Science Fiction
Date Published1973
PublisherCollier Books
Place PublishedNew York
KeywordsMale author, US author

Overpopulation dystopia.

Author Note

Goldin (b. 1947).

Full Text

1973 Goldin, Stephen [Charles]  (b. 1947) and C.F. Hensel. “Harriet.” Frontiers 1: Tomorrow’s Alternatives. Original Science Fiction. Ed. Roger [Paul] Elwood (New York: Collier Books, 1973), 104-12.

Overpopulation dystopia.