"Homosexuals Damned, Film at Eleven"

Title"Homosexuals Damned, Film at Eleven"
Year for Search2006
AuthorsIrvine, Alex[ander Christian](b. 1969)
Secondary AuthorsAnders, Lou
Secondary TitleFutureshocks
Date Published2006
Place PublishedNew York
KeywordsMale author, US author

Authoritarian, right-wing, fundamentalist dystopia.

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Author Note

The author (b. 1969) teaches at the University of Maine, Orono.

Full Text

2006 Irvine, Alex[ander Christian] (b. 1969). “Homosexuals Damned, Film at Eleven.” Futureshocks. Ed. Lou Anders (New York: Roc, 2006), 137-48. PSt

Authoritarian, right-wing, fundamentalist dystopia. The author teaches at the University of Maine, Orono.