If I Pay Thee Not In Gold

TitleIf I Pay Thee Not In Gold
Year for Search1993
Authors[Jacob], [Piers Anthony Dillingham](b. 1934), and Lackey, Mercedes(b. 1950)
Tertiary AuthorsAnthony, Piers [pseud.]
Date Published1993
Place PublishedNew York
KeywordsFemale author, Male author, US author

Fantasy about a matriarchy.


Piers Anthony [pseud. of Jacob]

Holding Institutions


Author Note

Anthony (b. 1934) was born in the U.K. and brought to the U.S. age 6; Lackey (b. 1950) is a U.S. author.

Full Text

1993 [Jacob, Piers Anthony Dillingham] (b. 1934) and Mercedes Lackey (b. 1950). If I Pay Thee Not In Gold. By Piers Anthony [pseud.] and Mercedes Lackey. New York: Baen. MoU-St

Fantasy about a matriarchy. Jacob was born in England and brought to the U.S. age 6. The female co-author is a U.S. author.