"The Library of Pi"

Title"The Library of Pi"
Year for Search2006
AuthorsVukcevich, Ray(b. 1946)
Secondary AuthorsLayne, Deborah, and Lake, Jay [Joseph Edward] [Jr.](1964-2014)
Secondary TitlePolyphony 6
Date Published2006
PublisherWheatland Press
Place PublishedWilsonville, OR
KeywordsMale author, US author

Dystopia of a police state.

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Author Note

(b. 1946)

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2006 Vukcevich, Ray (b. 1946). “The Library of Pi.” Polyphony 6. Ed. Deborah Layne and Jay [Joseph Edward] Lake, [Jr.] (Wilsonville, OR: Wheatland Press, 2006), 1-16. PSt

Dystopia of a police state.