Year for Search1961
Authors[Hutchinson], [Joyce Carstairs](b. 1935)
Tertiary AuthorsKathleen James [pseud.]
Secondary TitleNew Worlds Science Fiction
Volume / Editionno. 107
Date PublishedJune 1961
KeywordsFemale author, Scottish author

The story includes an anarchist eutopia.


Kathleen James [pseud.]

Author Note

The Scottish female author (b. 1935) is best known under her Wilhelmina Baird pseudonym.

Full Text

1961 [Hutchinson, Joyce Carstairs] (b. 1935).“Mantrap.”  By Kathleen James [pseud.]. New Worlds Science Fiction, no. 107 (June 1961): 99-121.

The story includes an anarchist eutopia. The Scottish female author is best known under her pseudonym Wilhelmina Baird.