"Places of Color"

Title"Places of Color"
Year for Search2006
AuthorsBartell, David
Secondary AuthorsMcFadden, Edward J. III, and Sedia, E[katerina](b. 1970)
Secondary TitleJigsaw Nation: Science Fiction Stories of Secession
Date Published2006
Place PublishedRadford, VA
KeywordsMale author, US author

Dystopian background about a U.S. divided between liberals and conservatives with states seceding and visas needed to enter another state.

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Author Note

(b. 1959)

Full Text

2006 Bartell, David (b. 1959). “Places of Color.” Jigsaw Nation: Science Fiction Stories of Secession. Ed. Edward J. McFadden III and E[katerina] Sedia (Radford, VA: Spyre, 2006), 116-29. PSt