Year for Search1987
AuthorsSkeet, Michael(b. 1955)
Secondary AuthorsGotlieb, Phyllis [Fay Bloom](1926-2009), and Barbour, Douglas(b. 1940)
Secondary TitleTesseracts2
Date Published1987
PublisherPorcépic Press
Place PublishedVictoria, BC, Canada
KeywordsCanadian author, Male author

Class-based dystopia. The poor living deepest underground.

Holding Institutions

Can, Merril, PSt

Author Note

Canadian author (b. 1955).

Full Text

1987 Skeet, Michael (b. 1955). “Rain.” Tesseracts2. Ed. Phyllis Gotlieb and Douglas Barbour (Victoria, BC, Canada: Porcépic Press, 1987), 219-36. Can, Merril, PSt

Class-based dystopia with the poor living deepest underground. Canadian author.