Year for Search2021
AuthorsDucornet, Rikki(b. 1943)
Pagination88 pp.
Date Published2021
PublisherCoffee House Press
Place PublishedMinneapolis, MN
ISBN Number978-1-56689-606
KeywordsFemale author, US author

2021 Ducornet, Rikki (b. 1943). Trafik. Minneapolis, MN: Coffee House Press. 88 pp. MiEM 

In brief chapters the short novel, which is set after the destruction of Earth millennia in the past, follows a woman and an android, who asteroid miners that, after an error that who downgrade their situation, choose to go rogue. They travel throughout a very weird universe stopping at varied planets. Their goal is reach Trafik, which turns about to be a Cockaigne of sorts. Female author.

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Author Note

Female author (b. 1943)