"On the Trail"

Title"On the Trail"
Year for Search1985
AuthorsArmistead, Barbara
Secondary AuthorsBradley, Marion Zimmer(1930-99), and Friends of Darkover, The [pseud.]
Secondary TitleFree Amazons of Darkover: An Anthology
Pagination67-76 with an introductory note on 66
Date Published1985
PublisherDAW Books
Place PublishedNew York
KeywordsFemale author

Free Amazon story. 

Holding Institutions

HRC, Merril, MoU-St

Author Note

Female author.

Full Text

1985 Armistead, Barbara. “On the Trail.” In Marion Zimmer Bradley and The Friends of Darkover. Free Amazons of Darkover: An Anthology. Ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley (New York: DAW Books, 1985), 67-76 with an introductory note on 66. HRC, Merril, MoU-St

Free Amazon story. Female author.