"Welcome to the World"

Title"Welcome to the World"
Year for Search1994
AuthorsSpeers, Edith(b. 1949)
Secondary AuthorsMcNamara, Peter, and Winch, Margaret
Secondary TitleAlien Shores: An Anthology of Australian Science Fiction
Date Published1994
PublisherAphelion Publications
Place PublishedNorth Adelaide, SA
KeywordsAustralian author, Canadian author, Female author

Dystopia of required good health.

Author Note

Canadian-born Australian author (b. 1949).

Full Text

1994 Speers, Edith (b. 1949). “Welcome to the World.” Alien Shores: An Anthology of Australian Science Fiction. Ed. Peter McNamara and Margaret Winch (North Adelaide, SA: Aphelion Publications, 1994), 499-507.

Dystopia of required good health. Canadian born Australian female author.