"The Winding Down of the World"

Title"The Winding Down of the World"
Year for Search2009
AuthorsDavidson, Rjurik
Secondary AuthorsCrowther, Peter(b. 1949), and Gevers, Nick
Secondary TitleEdison's Frankenstein
Volume / EditionPostscripts 20/21
Date Published2009
PublisherPS Publishing
Place PublishedHornsea, Eng.
KeywordsAustralian author, Male author

Dystopia reflecting the title.

Holding Institutions


Author Note

Australian author.

Full Text

2009 Davidson, Rjurik. “The Winding Down of the World.” Edison’s Frankenstein. Postscripts 20/21. Ed. Peter Crowther and Nick Gevers (Hornsea, Eng.: PS Publishing, 2009), 213-23. PSt

Dystopia reflecting the title. Australian author.