"World Without Men"

Title"World Without Men"
Year for Search1950
AuthorsWilliams, Robert Moore(1907-77)
Secondary TitleAmazing Stories Quarterly (New York)
Volume / Edition24.6
Pagination60-85, 181
Date PublishedJune 1950
ISSN Number0002-6891
KeywordsMale author, US author

Dystopia of a world dominated by women.

Additional Publishers

Rpt. Amazing Stories Quarterly (Reissue) ([Winter 1950]): 60-85.

Holding Institutions

Merril, PSt

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1950 Williams, Robert Moore (1907-77). “World Without Men.” Amazing Stories Quarterly (New York) 24.6 (June 1950): 60-85, 181. Rpt. Amazing Stories Quarterly (Reissue) (Chicago, IL) [Winter 1950]): 60-85. Merril, PSt

Dystopia of a world dominated by women.