World Without Money--An Alternative

TitleWorld Without Money--An Alternative
Year for Search1980
AuthorsWicklow, A[nnemarie]
Tertiary AuthorsWicklow, A.
Date Published1980
PublisherArthur H. Stockwell
Place PublishedIlfracombe, Devon, Eng.
KeywordsAustrian author, Female author, Irish author

Eutopia–title says it. Details of how it would work.

Title Note

Dedication page adds A Utopian Possibility

Holding Institutions


Author Note

The female author was born in Austria and lived in Ireland.

Full Text

1980 Wicklow, A[nnemarie]. World Without Money–An Alternative [Dedication page adds A Utopian Possibility]. Ilfracombe, Devon, Eng.: Arthur H. Stockwell. L

Eutopia–the title says it. Details of how it would work. The female author was born in Austria and lived in Ireland.