The indigenous food plants programme of Kenya

TitleThe indigenous food plants programme of Kenya
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsKabuye, C
Secondary TitleIndigenous knowledge and sustainable development: 25 selected papers presented at the international symposium held by the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, September 20-26, 1992
Date Published1992
PublisherInternational Institute for Rural Reconstruction
Conference LocationSilang, Cavite, Philippines
Keywordsbiodiversity; Kenya

Indigenous knowledge is essential to the development process especially for the sustainable use of natural resources. In Kenya, this has been illustrated by the Indigenous Food Plants Programme which endeavours to improve diets as well as preserve cultural practices and preserve biodiversity. The programme is part of a complex of two complementing centres at the National Museums of Kenya this being the Centre for Biodiversity and the new Kenya Resource Centre for Indigenous Knowledge (KENRIK). Both will provide basal data to be utilised in conservation and development. (author).

Conference Name

International Symposium on Indigenous Knowledge 20-26 September 1992

Number of pages

7 pp.