Species and part of tree collected

TitleSpecies and part of tree collected
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsWood, DH, Brokensha, D, Castro, AP, Gamser, MS, Jackson, BA, Riley, BW
Secondary TitleThe socio-economic context of fuelwood use in small rural communities
Series TitleA.I.D. Evaluation Special Study no. 1
Date PublishedAugust 1980
PublisherBureau for Program and Policy Coordination, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
CityWashington, DC
Keywordsfirewood; fuelwood; taboos

People everywhere have a precise evaluation of firewood, knowing which species and parts of trees are the best for specific purposes — for roasting, simmering, brewing, quick heat, a fire to warm oneself, etc. There is extensive technical knowledge among the local collectors and users concerning the species indigenous to the region and their cooking, heating, medicinal and other qualities, passed down from one generation of users to another. (author)


Devers, Inc. has also been a credited author.


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