"Dear God"

Title"Dear God"
Year for Search1983
AuthorsNetzer, Gayle N.
Secondary TitleAurora Speculative Feminism
Volume / Editionno. 23 (8.3)
Date PublishedWinter 1983-84
ISSN Number0275-3715
KeywordsFemale author, US author

Satire on and critique of religious homeschooling. 

URL23-Vol-8-No-3.pdf (sf3.org)
Author Note

Female author

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1983-84 Netzer, Gayle N. “Dear God.” Aurora Speculative Feminism, no. 23 (8.3) (Winter 1983-84): 17-19. 23-Vol-8-No-3.pdf (sf3.org) 

Satire on and critique of religious homeschooling. Female author