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Paraph 1665 Paraph


Tuesday, 31 January 1665, o.s.

10 February 1665, n.s.

Letter: From Lady Alford, dated 31 January 1664[/65]. [Corr., i. 170]

Person encountered: Lady Alford (letter)


Tuesday, 23 May 1665, o.s.

3 June 1665, n.s.

Letter: From Lady Alford, dated 23 May 1665. [Corr., i. 171]

Person encountered: Lady Alford (letter)


Tuesday, 13 June 1665, o.s.

23 June 1665, n.s.

Letter: From Lady Alford, dated 13 June 1665; addressed to Locke at Christ Church Oxford. [Corr., i. 172]

Person encountered: Lady Alford (letter)



Thursday, 13 July 1665, o.s.

23 July 1665, n.s.

Letter: From Lady Alford, dated 13 July 1665. [Corr., i. 173]

Person encountered: Lady Alford (letter)


Thursday, 3 August 1665, o.s.

13 August 1665, n.s.

Letter: From Henry Flower, dated 3 August 1665; written from Stockwood [near Pensford]; addressed to Locke at Christ Church Oxford. [Corr., i. 174]

Person encountered: Henry Flower (letter)

Tuesday, 29 August 1665, o.s.

8 September 1665, n.s.

Locke’s birthday, age 33.


Saturday, 11 November 1665, o.s.

21 November 1665, n.s.

A passport is issued at Oxford to Sir Walter Vane was issued a passport [see MS. Locke c. 25, f. 8] for a diplomatic mission to Elector Frederick William of Brandenburg at Cleves. Locke accompanied Vane as secretary to the mission, probably through the influence of William Godolphin. Vane’s official letters, written by Locke, are preserved in the National Archives, State Papers Foreign, German states, volumes 56 and 57 (SP/81/56 and SP/81/57); drafts of some of these letters survive in Locke’s papers [MS. Locke c. 22, ff. 181-189]. Locke made copies of correspondence with officials in England, Vane’s proposals to the Elector, and the replies of the Elector’s commissioners [British Library, Add. MS. 16,272]. Finally, Locke kept copies of his private letters in a paper book which survives (incomplete) [MS. Locke c. 24, ff. 246-258]. Locke returned to England on 20 February [o.s.]

Monday, 13 November 1665, o.s.

23 November 1665, n.s.

Locke leaves Oxford for the mission to Cleves [MS. Locke f. 27, p. 64]



Friday, 11 December 1665, n.s.

1 December 1665, o.s.

Sir Walter Vane and his train (including Locke) arrive at Cleves [Corr., i. page 234 n].

Saturday, 19 December 1665, n.s.

9 December 1665, o.s.

Locke dines with the Franciscan Frians in Cleves [letter to Strachey, 14/24 December].

Sunday, 20 December 1665, n.s.

10 December 1665, o.s.

Locke attends services in the Lutheran church in Cleves [letter to Strachey, 14/24 December].

Tuesday, 22 December 1665, n.s.

12 December 1665, o.s.


Persons encountered: Robert Boyle (letter); William Godolphin (letter)

Thursday, 24 December 1665, n.s.

14 December 1665, o.s.

Letter: To John Strachey, written 14/24 December 1665; addressed to Strachey at Sutton Court. [Corr., i. 177]

Person encountered: John Strachey (letter)

Friday, 25 December 1665, n.s.

15 December 1665, o.s.

Christmas day in Cleves. Locke attends services at the (Catholic) Stiftskirche and (in the afternoon) at the Carthusian church. [letter to Strachey, 26 December 1665/5 January 1666].

Saturday, 29 December 1665, n.s.

19 December 1665, o.s.

Letter: To William Godolphin, dated 19/29 December 1665; written from Cleves; addressed to Godolphin at Oxford. [Corr., i. 178]

Person encountered: William Godolphin (letter)

Date Uncertain

Letter:   From John Read, [autumn 1665?]; enclosed with letter from Read to Robert Boyle. [Corr., ix. 174A]

Person encountered: John Read (letter); Robert Boyle (letter)

Notes:   The notebook “Adversaria Physica” [MS. Locke d. 9] contains six notes initialed by Locke, written ca. 1665 [?]: Menstrua, Pestis L, Pleuritis, Pleuritis, Febris annua, Febris.


Corr. = The correspondence of John Locke / edited by E. S. de Beer. – Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1976-89. – 8 vols. – (Clarendon edition of the works of John Locke)