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Back Into the Future of Immigration

Title page for the Back Into the Future of Immigration publication

Back Into the Future of Immigration is a collection of essays written by some of the current and past students of the Penn State Law Center for Immigrants' Rights Clinic, many of whom now work as immigration attorneys in large law firms, as solo practitioners, for non-profit organizations, and in the federal government. The mission of the clinic is to advance immigrants’ rights through legal excellence, advocacy, education, and collaboration with key stakeholders on immigration law and policy, and this monograph showcases some of the projects and cases students have worked on during their time at the Clinic and the impact they have made to individuals, institutions, and the community. Importantly, these essays also reveal how the authors’ personal experiences have shaped how they entered law school and how they define themselves as lawyers. Readers are invited to taste the sweat, blood, and heart of gold it takes to work in the immigration space — especially in a climate of ever changing policy and heightened uncertainty about the future.